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Agrishow | Ribeirão Preto - SP


This is the first time in Brazil, a milking equipment manufacturer features at a trade show a Milking Rotary. In fact it is not a simple Milking Rotary, but a solution that meets the highest tecnology and performance in dairy herds for producers benefit from 500 lactating animals. Among the main benefits os Milking Rotary for large hers, this massive reduction in the labor work. shorter milking and low maintenance cost. Besides this we are bringing some revolutionary features suche as 2 milking lines (health milk / discarding milk), automatic restrain cows which have been not fully milked, messaging systems with important information to operators, automatic post-dipping sprayer, etc.

You can also visit our solutions for waste treatments for cattle and pigs, our pasteurizer which handle colostrum and discard milk for feeding calves.

Come visit our booth located at E6/D1 days between April 27th and May 1st in Agrishow, city of Ribeirao Preto / SP, Brazil. You will be introduced to the professional way of milking.

Sales, ABR/2015